The equipment we recommend is all name brand equipment – no clones are ever used!  Some examples of the hardware and software we use are Dell or HP servers and workstations, Cisco firewalls, and Windows 2003 Server software, Nortel or Avaya phone systems or other systems of your choice.

Some of the onsite services we provide are:

·         Workstation installation ,  including configuration and migration of data from previous machines.

·         Server installations, migrations and upgrades

·         Digital Radiography installation and setup

·         Practice management Software upgrades for all you business and practice software

·         Voice mail system installation setup

·         Email hosting to include forwarding email to your iPhone or Blackberry

And many more services!   Partner with us for all your technology needs – we can design a custom installation for your small business

Let Us Be Your On Call IT Department

Esc Data can be your On Call IT Department.  We find that most of our clients cannot afford nor do they need a full time IT person, but they DO require IT Support for their equipment and software on a regular or as needed basis.  Our dental and medical clients also have special project needs, such as upgrading workstations and monitors, installation and integration of new software and equipment to make their practices operate more smoothly and allow their staff to focus on their patients and special projects as needed.

Due to the nature of our clients business, most of our clients prefer after hours technical support rather than disrupt their staff, clients, or patients during office hours.   Esc Data works with your practice and your schedule, and is available to work nights and  weekends as needed to accommodate your schedule.

Why offer comprehensive services?

Esc Data is experienced with the small business dilemma of having NO data recovered after a system crash.  Not only is data loss expensive, it is a significant risk to your business and costs time and money to recreate without a systemic solution in place.  For Dental and Medical practices, this could potentially be a HIPAA issue as well.  Losing patient data is a big risk, and with Esc Data’s complete solution this is something you will not have to worry about.  We provide the Server, the firewall between you and the internet, and offsite backup and storage for one affordable monthly price. Rather than purchase a server you have to maintain, purchase and maintain the firewall solution and hire a “computer guy”, we provide the hardware, software and technical support for you.

Additionally, we have staff available for your custom IT  projects, from installations to trouble shooting, with services available on an hourly basis.