Data Backups...

There are many benefits to be realized from online data backups.  Reliable data backup and recovery are critical to today's information-driven small and businesses.  Esc Data provides  comprehensive solutions for backup and archiving your business data.  Our solutions help our clients to do the following:

Traditional server backup methods are not always ideally suited to this challenge of protecting your data. Once-a-day backups leave you vulnerable to data losses and trouble recovering data quickly in the event of a data corruption, virus or other disaster. Lack of adequate IT staff can also result in inconsistent backup procedures and failed data recovery. Further, traditional backup tasks can be time consuming and keep your staff from performing other mission-critical tasks.

Esc Data offers a  complete server data backup and recovery solution for small & medium-sized businesses. Combining proven disk and online technologies, our solution simplifies the protection of all your company's data, virtually eliminating the risks and burdens of traditional backup methods.

Our server backup and recovery solution fully automates and streamlines the protection of your data through the following essential functions: